Infant Care Courses

Congratulations on the new addition to your family!

If you are thinking of hiring or have hired a Domestic Helper to assist you with your newborn and household chores, you should consider sending them for the relevant training so that they can equipped with the basic skills to better perform their roles at your home.

As the standards and norms for infant care can differ across cultures, our training process aims to breakdown the Infant Care procedures and expectations down to the very basic for that the Maids can understand and learn much more easily.

Course Modules
  1. Introduction to Infant Care
  2. Baby milk & puree preparation
  3. Feeding (assisted latching & milk bottle)
  4. Burping Techniques
  5. Bathing Techniques
  6. Skin Care products & applications
  7. Changing of diapers
  8. Swaddling Techniques
  9. Soothing
  10. Managing Mothers’ emotions

Unmatched Commitment
Island Maids Training School is committed to training
and on-going support. Should participants feel that
they require another round of training, they can join
the next available class for FREE.

Who Should Attend
  • Foreign Domestic Workers
  • New Parents
  • Nannies

Mode of Teaching
  • Classroom based lecture
  • Video presentation
  • Practical demonstration
  • Hands-on practice

Course Duration
  • 7 hours

Course Fees
  • $150​