We understand the requirements of local Domestic Employers. Through our years of experience, we have tailored a full day of training with regards to General Housekeeping.

From the importance of keeping the house neat and tidy to the basic mannerism and being initiative at work, we drill down the nitty gritty details of maintaining the house in tip top condition.

The maids get to try their hand at using all the commonly used household appliance without the fear of spoiling it, understand certain do’s & don’ts of household cleaning, and more importantly learning to observe and understand their respective employers’ standard of cleaning.

Course Modules
  1. Introduction to work in Singapore
  2. Expectations, Mindset & Integration
  3. Related laws governing work in Singapore
  4. Around the living room
  5. Cleaning of different floor surfaces
  6. Washing, Drying, Ironing, & sorting clothes
  7. Operating different household equipments
  8. Introduction to different clothing materials
  9. Maintaining the bathrooms
  10. Personal hygiene

Unmatched Commitment
Island Maids Training School is committed to training
and on-going support. Should participants feel that
they require another round of training, they can join
the next available class for FREE.

Who Should Attend
  • Foreign Domestic Workers

Mode of Teaching
  • Classroom based lecture
  • Video presentation
  • Practical demonstration
  • Hands-on practice

Course Duration
  • 7 hours

Course Fees
  • $150​