The biggest problem that most domestic employers face when hiring Maids in Singapore is the language barrier.

Most of the time, conflict happens when the maids misinterpret the instructions given by their employers. They end up doing the wrong things that causes frustrations and build up negative energy within the house. Very likely, this will also lead to the end of the employment relationship depending on which party raises the white flag first.

Communication is key. However, language takes time to master. Here, we teach the basic commonly used household languages. The goal is to ensure, simple instructions can be understood easily.

Course Modules
  1. Basic mannerism
  2. Counting 1 to 100
  3. Telling the time (morning, evening, night)
  4. Introduction of family members
  5. Around the house
  6. Identifying body parts
  7. Common instructions
  8. Going through work schedules
  9. Reading cooking recipes
  10. Food & fruits

Unmatched Commitment
Island Maids Training School is committed to training
and on-going support. Should participants feel that
they require another round of training, they can join
the next available class for FREE.

Who Should Attend
  • Foreign Domestic Workers

Mode of Teaching
  • Classroom based lecture
  • Video presentation
  • Practical demonstration
  • Hands-on practice

Course Duration
  • 7 hours