Cooking Classes

A good meal bring families together. Wouldn’t it be nice if your newly hired Domestic Helper is able to whip up some local dishes?

At Island Maids Training School, our kitchen is kept busy all everyday equipping newly arrived maids with basic cooking skills to lay their foundation and build interest in cooking.

Domestic helpers are taught about the commonly used spices and what kind of dishes are they suitable for.

Students are most excited and interested in the cooking classes as they get to taste and bring home the fruits of their labour.

Course Modules

Classes are divided to 2 different categories. Each class is focused on 1 category

1) Breakfast

  • Choose up to 3 different dishes + coffee & tea

2) Lunch & Dinner Menus

  • Menu for each class is based on 3 dishes + 1 soup

Unmatched Commitment
Island Maids Training School is committed to training
and on-going support. Should participants feel that
they require another round of training, they can join
the next available class for 50% off course fee.

Who Should Attend
  • Foreign Domestic Workers

Mode of Teaching
  • Introduction around Kitchen
  • Practical demonstration
  • Hands-on practice

Course Duration
  • 7 hours

Course Fees
  • $150​